Free school meals and extra pupil premium funds for schools

Please read if you have a child in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2:

It's important to fill in this application, as even though your child is getting a free school meal under the new government scheme, by applying, you could raise an extra £1,300 for your child's school from central government, to fund valuable support like teaching assistants, after school clubs and school trips.

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Claimant's details

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Date of birth:

Which benefits do you receive?

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Please select which benefits you receive
Please note: you do not qualify for free school meals / pupil premium if you are in receipt of Working Tax Credit regardless of income.

Children's details

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Date admitted if new starter:
Date admitted if new starter:

Terms and conditions

All applicants are required to read the declaration below (please tick to acknowledge terms and conditions)
  • I understand that my entitlement to Free School Meals will continue only as long as I am in receipt of qualifying benefits. I will immediately inform the Admissions and Benefits Office if my entitlement to qualifying benefits ends and/or the contact details for myself and/or my child/ren change.
  • I confirm I have parental responsibility for all children detailed in this claim.
  • I understand that if I do not inform you of a change to my circumstances and my child/ren continue/s to receive free school meals, I will have to repay the amount in full. (Only applicable for children in Year 3 and above.)
  • I understand that it is fraudulent to give false information.
  • I agree that in order for you to process my claim for free school meals, you may contact any other sources allowed by law to verify my initial and ongoing entitlement.
I agree to all of the above. *
I agree to all of the above.
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